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Congratulations to grant and fellowship recipients

Congratulations to the following NeuRA researchers who have been successful with grant funding and awards:


Future Fellowship
Muireann Irish, ARC Future Fellowship. Constructing a unified model of human memory, 2017-20

Discovery Projects
Julie Brown; Lynne Bilston; Judith Charlton; Sjaan Koppel; Lisa Keay; Jake Olivier. Design features critical for correct use of child car restraints, 2017-20

Ingvars Birznieks, Michael Wiertlewski. Sensory mechanisms underlying human dexterity in object manipulation, 2017-19

Frini Karayanidis; Birte Forstmann; Mark Steyvers; Sharna Jamadar; Guy Hawkins; Rhoshel Lenroot; Patricia Michie. Modelling trajectories of cognitive control in adolescents and young adults, 2017-19

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (administered by University of Newcastle)
Robert Trengove; David Broadhurst; Jonathan Carapetis; David Sampson; Peter Leedman; Andrew Millar; Kingsley Dixon; Sarah Kenderdine; Caroline Rae; John Mamo; John Pluske; Merrilee Needham; Jeremy Nicholson; Robert Plumb; Elaine Holmes (Administered by Murdoch University). Modelling trajectories of cognitive control in adolescents and young adults, (2017)

Kimberlie Dean, Stacy Tzoumakis, Kristin Laurens, Melissa Green, Vaughan Carr, Targeting early contact with the criminal justice system in young people, 2017-19


Research Fellowships

Danny Eckert, Appointment to NHMRC Research Fellowship SRFA, Respiratory phenotyping for new targeted approaches to treat sleep apnoea, 2017-21

Murray Cairns, Appointment to NHMRC Research Fellowship SRFA, Personalised genomics in precision medicine of psychotic illness, 2017-21

Cyndi Shannon Weickert, Promotion to NHMRC Research Fellowship PRF, Neurobiology of schizophrenia and translation into new treatments, 2017-2021

Rob Herbert, Reappointment to NHMRC Research Fellowship PRF (plus translation advancement incentive), Mechanisms and management of muscle contracture, 2017-21

Stephen Lord, Reappointment to NHMRC Research Fellowship SPRF (plus translation advancement incentive), Fall prevention in older people and those with neurodegenerative disorders, 2017-21

Early Career Fellowship

Euan McCaughey, NHMRC Early Career Fellowship – Peter Doherty Australian Biomedical Fellowship, Translation of abdominal functional electrical stimulation form a research tool to clinical practice, 2017-20

Rebecca L Cooper Foundation Medical Research Foundation

2017 Al & Val Rosenstrauss Fellowship
Sylvia Gustin, Pain and the brain: Understanding and modulating the critical brain mechanisms that underlie chronic pain, 2017-20

Australian Rotary Health ‘Mental health of Young Australians’ Research Grant

Melissa Green, Vaughan Carr, Ilan Katz, Kristin Laurens, Kimberlie Dean, Stacy Tzoumakis, Determinants of risk and resilience in maltreated children using multi-agency administrative records: A population record-linkage study,  2017-18.

Congratulations to all and well done!