Helping NeuRA beyond the scope of a lifetime

Ms Judy Radecki is a busy lady.

A retired book keeper, Judy now divides her time between volunteering as a librarian, acting as a treasurer for the Rooty Hill computer club and visiting her brother who currently resides in a nursing home.
When she’s not out and about, Judy has her troublesome pet cats to contend with who enjoy occasionally scratching at her computer screen or taking a seat on her keyboard.

Judy may be busy, but little about her daily grind indicates that she is part of a special 7.5% of the Australian population.

Judy belongs to this selective group because she has generously decided to leave a bequest to a charity in her will.

Judy’s decision was influenced by her mother’s fight with dementia however her motivation is broader than this.

“You wouldn’t believe the admiration I have for these scientists and researchers, I just think they are so wonderful and remarkably clever,” says Judy. “I left a bequest to NeuRA because research is so important.”

Leonie Harle, NeuRA’s bequest manager believes that leaving a gift to NeuRA will help us find the cures so urgently needed by millions of Australians.

“Bequests can transform lives and help protect a whole new generation of families. It doesn’t cost anything now, but it is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to support our work into the future,” says Leonie.

NeuRA is drawing attention to our bequest program as part of Include a Charity week 2012, an international campaign aiming to increase awareness of the option of leaving a gift to charity in your will.