‘Hip Festival’ coming to a city near you in 2019

The increasing global burden of hip fractures is significant. The Asia-Pacific region alone is predicted to account for half of the world’s hip fractures by 2050.

The Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR), based at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), has initiated a series of Hip Festivals to harness the collective knowledge of key stakeholders in the field and to inspire and enable those involved in the provision of care.

The first two Hip Festivals were held in Western Australia and New South Wales at the end of 2018. The ANZHFR has plans to take the Festival on the road to other Australian states and New Zealand in 2019.


Wrap up of WA and NSW Hip Festivals

The Festivals commenced with the Registry Co-Chairs, Professor Jacqueline Close and Professor Ian Harris, enlightening attendees on the development of the ANZHFR.

In Western Australia, more than 60 attendees gathered at Fiona Stanley Hospital on the 3rd of October to share experiences and innovative solutions to improved care in their local context. Presentations from The Royal Flying Doctor Service, and clinicians from both regional and city-based services, highlighted the challenges and the many possible solutions to improved hip fracture care in WA. Mr John Miller reminded attendees of the importance of high-quality care to the person who has broken their hip.

In NSW, the second Hip Festival was held in partnership with the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) in Sydney on the 4th of December. In attendance were 170 people from NSW Local Health Districts, interstate health services, NSW Ambulance and the private health sector, in addition to several community members. Specialist talks focused on shared models of care, pre-operative regional anaesthesia, the role of fracture liaison services, rehabilitation, and the role of the ANZHFR in driving change. The Q&A sessions used an innovative system where questions were logged online, voted on, and the most popular questions put to the multidisciplinary panel.

At both Hip Festivals, the morning sessions were followed by a workshop designed to optimise specific aspects of hip fracture care. Goals and plans were formulated and participants from different health districts joined together to share experiences and innovate solutions in their local context. These workshop sessions were invaluable for those trying to increase compliance with the ANZ Hip Fracture Care Guideline and the ACSQHC Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard.


Invaluable experience

“I enjoyed getting together with colleagues who share a like-minded goal to achieve improved care for hip fracture patients and sharing stories,” – Orthopaedic Clinical Nurse Consultant, NSW.

“All the presentations were relevant and informative. It was really useful to hear how other sites manage care. Great to have the opportunity to workshop in the afternoon,” –Sub Acute Care Coordinator, WA.

“Very well organised event and an insight into the bigger state-wide picture for hip fracture management. Looking forward to next year,” – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, WA


The ANZHFR is encouraging all health care providers to attend future events.


Upcoming “Hip Fests”


South Australia 5 March 2019

Modbury Hospital Auditorium


Tasmania 28 March 2019

Launceston Clinical School


Queensland 31 May 2019

The Prince Charles Hospital Education Centre


For more information on the Hip Festivals, please contact Karen Lee: k.lee@neura.edu.au or 02 9399 1132


For more information on the ANZHFR, please contact:

Australia: Elizabeth Armstrong, Registry Manager at: e.armstrong@neura.edu.au

New Zealand: Nicola Ward, National Coordinator, at: nicola.ward@bopdhb.govt.nz