The Interplay of Art and Science

Last week, esteemed Scientia Professor George Paxinos AO, author of the world-renowned brain atlas series, visited local artist Lada Dedić. Lada is an avid admirer of the brain, often using MRI scans and other brain images as the inspiration for her pieces. She uses needlepoint and tapestry to recreate these pictures of the brain artistically.

Professor Paxinos was impressed with not only the beauty of the images but with their accuracy.

“Lada, you have made the brain even more beautiful!” Prof Paxinos said.

The two discussed many topics surrounding the interplay of science and art, sharing their passion and enthusiasm for the brain and brain sciences.

Lada has graciously decided to donate 10% of all the profits of her art to NeuRA.  To thank her for her generosity, Prof Paxinos gifted her a signed copy of a section from his upcoming atlas on the human brain stem.

Lada Dedić’s art will be on display, in its entirety, from April 7 at .M Contemporary we encourage you all to go and see it.