Landmark Aboriginal health study launches in Kempsey

NeuRA’s landmark study into Aboriginal health, the Koori Growing Old Well Study, will officially launch tomorrow, Wednesday 28th of April 2010, in Kempsey.
The study site is being run by the Durri Aboriginal Corporation Medical Service in partnership with NeuRA.
Due to the high numbers of Aboriginal people within the Kempsey area, NeuRA chose the Durri ACMS to participate in the study.
The Koori Growing Old Well Study is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and will take place in six urban and regional communities in NSW.
The aim of the study is to find more about both healthy ageing and the causes of illness in Aboriginal people living in NSW.
In particular, researchers will collect information on the extent and type of dementia in urban and regional areas, as well as the impact of being a carer of someone with dementia, how ‘culture’ influences the experience of care, and the use of both formal and informal care and support services.
With the help of information collected in the course of the study, the researchers hope to improve health promotion for a longer active life, and disease prevention and aged care services for those in need.
Another aim of the study is to build local capacity for Aboriginal health researchers, and to develop local community knowledge about dementia care and aged care services.