NeuRA joins rally for research

Neuroscience Research Australia staff will rally on Tuesday against proposed cuts to funding for medical research.

In the lead up to the Federal Government’s budget announcement in May, there have been reports of a planned $400 million cut to funding for the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The NHMRC is Australia’s peak funding body for health and medical research and distributes the bulk of Australia’s medical research funding.

Prof Peter Schofield, Executive Director of NeuRA, says, “Australia has always been an outstanding performer in the area of health and medical research, and there are countless examples of how research unequivocally improves our lives.”

“These achievements have been underpinned by strong Government investment. As a researcher, I am deeply troubled by these reports of cuts to funding for the NHMRC,” he says.

“The choice is simple: if we wish to advance health and wellbeing for our families and our community, we must continue our crucial investment in medical research.”

Some examples of how NeuRA’s research has directly helped people in the community include:

  • New child restraint laws, introduced in 2010 – these laws are a direct outcome of research conducted here at NeuRA. These laws immediately began saving children’s lives and preventing horrific injuries in car accidents.
  • Discovery of a gene for frontotemporal dementia – this discovery has fast-forwarded our search for a potential treatment for frontotemporal dementia.
  • Improved rehabilitation for stroke patients – our progressive approach to rehabilitation has allowed many of our research participants to regain movement in their hands and arms.
  • Development of a ‘coughalator’ for spinal injury patients – the development of this device allows people with limited movement due to spinal cord injury to cough, decreasing the risk of lung infection.

The Rally for Research will take place in Sydney on Tuesday, 12 April 2011, between 1 and 2PM, at Belmore park near Central railway station.

What to wear and bring:

  • Wear orange for Discoveries Need Dollars
  • Make and bring your own banners to wave or download and print one of the Discoveries Need Dollars signs
  • Bring your colleagues, friends and family, strong voices and catchy slogans

RSVP via Rally against NHMRC Budget cuts Facebook page

More info at Discoveries Need Dollars

Update: In May 2011, we were delighted to learn of the Government’s commitment to continued support for medical research. Read CEO of NeuRA, Prof Peter Schofield’s letter of thankyou to all of you who offered assistance and support.