NeuRA Researcher Guest Editor of International Journal

Moyra Mortby, an NHMRC Dementia Research Development Fellow in the Anstey Group at NeuRA, recently guest edited a Special Issue of International Psychogeriatrics.

The Journal of International Psychogeriatrics is a highly respected, multidisciplinary journal, which explores the study, prevention, and treatment of mental disorders in older people.

The recently published Special Issue is on Mild Behavioural Impairment (MBI) and includes several publications from other members of Prof Anstey’s team.

MBI describes the later-life onset of sustained neuropsychiatric symptoms, of any severity, in individuals who do not yet exhibit dementia or who exhibit no cognitive symptoms. This Special Issue provides a comprehensive overview of the current research agenda to validate the construct of MBI. The issue aims to increase global awareness of MBI as a syndrome which serves as a neuropsychiatric parallel to the MCI syndrome.  Awareness of the construct of MBI is important as it may be integral to a comprehensive approach to earlier dementia detection and may be a target for early, and potentially novel, intervention.

The contributions and guest editorial from NeuRA researchers mark an exciting step for our Healthy Ageing and Dementia Prevention group.


Read the full Special Issue of International Psychogeriatrics here