NeuRA Scientist Publishes New Research Indicating Ways to Increase Driver Safety

NeuRA Senior Principal Research Scientist Professor Kaarin Anstey recently first authored a publication in Accident Analysis and Prevention showing that tailored driving lessons are effective for increasing safe driving in older adults. Prof Anstey aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of driving lessons versus road rules refreshers for improving older road safety. By using a randomised control trial of drivers over the age of 65 and splitting them into two groups, one that received just the road rules refresher, the other the refresher and 2 tailored driving lessons. Prof Anstey measured cognitive performance and on-road driving, specifically looking at critical errors made during driving at a 3 month follow-up

Prof Anstey found that although both groups had improved driver safety, the group that went through the tailored driver safety course performed significantly better than to those that did not, performing almost 40% fewer errors overall.

This piece of research is important as it shows that driving safety can be improved through a carefully designed intervention. With more and more people living into very old age we need strategies to keep people driving safely and maintain independence.


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