NeuRA trailblazer recognised by leading international schizophrenia research group

Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert, a widely-recognised trailblazer in the neuroscience of schizophrenia, has been appointed to the board of the Society for International Schizophrenia Research.

Her appointment to the international board raises the global profile of Australian schizophrenia research and sets an example for other female researchers seeking a career in science leadership, something she is passionate about.
“This is recognition that the international community considers me a thought-leader in the field of schizophrenia research”, says the young professor.

“I want to use this opportunity to also drive strategies that provide more opportunities for female researchers to attend and speak at major schizophrenia conferences because 75% of the plenary speakers at these events are typically male”, she adds.

Since joining Neuroscience Research Australia in 2010 Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert quickly established a high domestic profile, driven by research breakthroughs into changes to the nervous system responsible for schizophrenia and new treatments.

She has also featured on the nationally televised program Australian Story.

The Society for International Schizophrenia Research inducted Prof Shannon Weickert to their expert board during an annual meeting in Florence, Italy.

“My appointment reflects the high opinion of Australian science and research held by our colleagues abroad”, says Prof Shannon Weickert.

“I’m honoured by this opportunity because it’s an international organisation and competition for a limited number of these global leadership positions is high”, she says.