NeuRA wins Ramaciotti Foundation grant

The Ramaciotti Foundation has awarded Neuroscience Research Australia a $75,000 grant to enable the institute to continue its outstanding biomedical research.

The Ramaciotti Foundation, which is celebrating 40 years of funding biomedical research this year, awarded over $1.6 million to 24 recipients at the annual awards evening in Sydney on 4 November 2010.

Executive Director of Neuroscience Research Australia, Prof Peter Schofield, said, “Receiving this grant will allow Neuroscience Research Australia to purchase a device that encases the subject’s head while inside the MRI, allowing researchers to collect more imaging data. This ‘head coil’ will improve the resolution of brain images and create better maps of the brain’s circuitry.

“This technology is critical in allowing us to see deeper into the brain so we can better understand diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s disease. With this grant from the Ramaciotti Foundations, we will be able to see in far more detail and with greater accuracy than ever before.”

Andrew Thomas, General Manager, Philanthropy, Perpetual said “Forward-thinking philanthropists, Vera and Clive Ramaciotti, made a significant and lasting contribution to the Australian scientific community through their decision to create a charitable trust 40 years ago.

“Since then, the Foundation has provided scientists with necessary funds for creative and cutting-edge medical research, which often struggles to attract funding from mainstream sources.”

Starting from an initial bequest of $6.7 million, the Ramaciotti Foundation has provided the Australian scientific community with $48.5 million in grants over its 40 year history.

“When managed prudently, charitable trusts are a powerful way for families or individuals to continue giving in perpetuity – either during their lifetime, or beyond it,” Mr Thomas said.