NeuRA’s dementia research featured on ABC’s Australian Story

On Monday June 30 at 8pm Australian Story delves into the world of Christine Bryden.

The brilliant biochemist has long outlived her original dementia prognosis. At the age of 46 she was told to retire and prepare herself for the nursing home. She didn’t. She has shaken up the health system here in Australia and transformed attitudes towards people living with dementia in Japan. She has given people with dementia a voice.

On Monday, watch Christine tell the story of her journey with dementia.

Twenty years on from her first diagnosis, Christine is writing her third book and says she has a mission to ‘future proof’ the next generation against dementia. Her aim is to ‘hang on’ until a cure is found.

NeuRA’s Professor John Hodges will appear on the program having worked closely with Christine on her journey with the disease. Prof Hodges contiues to work with Christine today. The two are friends.

Professor Hodges says “Christine is one of these puzzling cases of dementia that we don’t really understand. I can’t think of someone I’ve seen quite like her”