NeuRA’s Wii-based stroke therapy to be featured on The Project

Stephanie woke one Saturday morning to find that she couldn’t speak properly and collapsed shortly after having suffered a major stroke, at the age of 22.

After her stroke, Stephanie had major brain surgery and months of hospital treatment and rehab, after which she was again able to speak and walk. Frustratingly however, she still lacked movement in her right arm and hand.
Discovering NeuRA’s stroke rehabilitation research program was therefore a great relief for Stephanie and her results were outstanding after only two weeks of treatment.
Stephanie’s rehabilitation program consisted of her playing Wii sports like golf and tennis while a therapist collected information about how her body was responding to the movements. The therapist and Stephanie worked closely and intensively together each day for two weeks.
Now Stephanie’s story, and the Wii-based Movement Therapy that has given her hope, will be featured on The Project (Channel 10 @ 6pm) on Wednesday 16 May.
The Project interviewed Stephanie during a recent visit she made to Dr Penelope McNulty, NeuRA’s lead researcher into Wii-based Movement Therapy.
You can catch Steph’s story on The Project and learn more about NeuRA’s video game-based stroke rehabilitation therapy this Wednesday night. The Project airs from 6-7pm (AEST) on Channel 10.