Professor Broe AM Appointed to Expert Advisory Committees

Our resident professor of ageing and dementia with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Prof Tony Broe AM has recently been appointed to, an expert advisory committee for the NHMRC in a Targeted Call for Research aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healthy Ageing, as well as, consultant to the NSW Government on the Aboriginal Aged Care Action Plan proposal. These appointments are clear recognition of his great work in Healthy Ageing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Within NHMRC position, Tony will drive a campaign that aims to develop and grant more funding to projects that research from a medical perspective, ways to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities age healthy and similarly to the greater population. This is important, as his research, among others, has shown that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community does not age similar to the greater population, they have higher rates of dementia and earlier onset.

While within the position with the NSW Government, he will be one of the chief consultants the government turns to when legislating new laws that apply to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, and in their new Aboriginal Aged Care Action Plan, aimed at ensuring, not only form a scientific perspective, but from a grander community and cultural one, the aged care of these communities. He is currently involved in a new project aimed at providing online education to both sufferers and carers of people with dementia and other ageing and mental health issues.