Schizophrenia Research Institute joins NeuRA

The head office of the Schizophrenia Research Institute (SRI) has completed its relocation to Neuroscience Research Australia’s (NeuRA) Margarete Ainsworth building in Randwick following the announcement of a merger between the two institutes. Soon to follow will be the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank as well as the Schizophrenia Library.

The merger creates, for the first time, a physical home where SRI’s researchers can work in close collaboration with each other, have greater access to resources and research facilities as well as increased opportunities to obtain shared funding.

In Australia, approximately 1 in 100 people have or will develop schizophrenia during their lifetime. It is one of the top ten causes of disability in the world. As such, schizophrenia research deserves to receive as much attention and funding as possible. The amalgamation of these two world-class research facilities will ensure that schizophrenia research will continue to go from strength to strength.

Both SRI and NeuRA have and will continue to maintain a focus on discovering the ways to better treat, prevent and cure schizophrenia. All of the funding and support that has been received from donors in the past will continue to be channelled into schizophrenia research.

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