World’s first international motor impairment conference to be held in Sydney, Australia

The first international conference on motor impairment will begin in Sydney, Australia on Monday, September 26. The three-day conference brings together leaders in motor impairment from around the globe, with world-renowned researchers from the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands as well as Australia, who will be speaking at the event.

The conference is being hosted by Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), and will focus on all aspects of motor impairment, from groundbreaking research to translational medicine and clinical trials.

Deputy Director of NeuRA and Foundation Scientist Professor Simon Gandevia says motor impairment is prevalent and is associated with many diseases and disabilities.

“Motor impairment impacts a range of conditions from stroke and multiple sclerosis to cerebral palsy and spinal injury, and it can also be part of normal ageing.”

“This conference is the first time we have established an international focus on motor impairment. It is a significant step towards filling the gaps in our knowledge by bringing together global experts for conversation and collaboration.”

“Our vision is to advance the transfer of new understanding of physiology and pathophysiology in motor impairment toward the clinical outcome of improved motor function.”

CEO of NeuRA, Professor Peter Schofield, said NeuRA is proud to host the world’s first international meeting on motor impairment.

“The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers, clinicians and experts to better understand the pathophysiology of motor impairment, and work together to implement interventions and drive enhanced clinical practice.”

Motor impairment research at NeuRA focuses on three key themes that relate to leading causes of disability including weakness and fatigue, impaired sensation and balance, and contracture.

Conference details

Monday 26 – Wednesday 28 November, 2018
Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach, Sydney

The international motor impairment conference is sponsored by NeuRA, the NSW Government, Knowledge Health Innovation, Cambridge Electronic Design, Symbiotic Devices and The Journal of Physiology.