Brain imaging

Patterns of white matter changes in frontotemporal dementia subtypes

Brain atrophy is found in specific cortical and subcortical regions in frontotemporal dementia. The pattern of atrophy is specific to each subtype. Although changes in the brain grey matter are well documented, changes in the white matter are not as well understood. This study investigates changes in white matter in FTD subtypes using diffusion tensor imaging, and how these changes are related to those found in the grey matter. This project will also map the evolution of these changes with disease progression.
In vivo and postmortem relations of white matter changes in frontotemporal dementia

Changes in white matter integrity have been reported in FTD on neuroimaging investigations such as MRI, with a particular interest on diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in recent years. DTI provides a measure of tissue organisation. However, the nature of these changes of the white matter ultrastructure in FTD is unknown. This project will determine the changes in the brain white matter at postmortem in FTD patients for whom DTI was acquired in life. Relations between these changes in the different FTD subtypes will be established.