Determinants of risk and resilience in multi-agency administrative records: A population record-linkage study.

This project uses the framework of the NSW Child Development Study to determine key risk indicators of child maltreatment using information in linked records from multiple government agencies (e.g., NSW Health, Family and Community Services, Justice Health, and Education). Results will be translated into policy recommendations for refinement of the decision-making systems used by these government services, to ensure the earliest allocation of child protection resources to those most in need.

This project leverages population data from the NSW Child Development Study, a longitudinal study of a state-wide population of children (N=~87,000) and their parents for whom successive waves of record linkage across multiple government departments is combined with information from teacher- and child-reported cross-sectional surveys completed at ages 5 and 11 years respectively.

This project has received funding from the Australian Rotary Health Fund (2017-18)

Current Staff: Postdoctoral Fellow (recruitment underway).