Five teens in a row, chins resting in hands

The international youth resilience study

Promoting optimal mental health and resilience to trauma, adversity and stress is a prominent national and global priority. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to stressors as they are undergoing the final stages of development and are therefore highly susceptible to the impacts of their environment. In this project, Dr Justine Gatt is leading an international trial with other global experts in resilience to understand youth resilience and ways to promote it across different cultural groups. In particular, we plan to focus on the role of migration as a potential form of adversity and how it may impact mental health outcomes over time. The participating sites include Australia (Sydney), Canada, South Africa, UK, New Zealand and China. The information from this study will inform the role of various environmental, socio-ecological, neurocognitive and health factors that may contribute to resilience to adversity. We will also measure genetic predictors and specific neuroimaging MRI measures.