Koori Growing Old Well Study

Through the Koori Growing Old Well Study, we are exploring healthy ageing and memory, as well as the prevalence and incidence of age-related diseases like dementia in urban Aboriginal populations in NSW.

This includes looking into the potential associations between age-related diseases like dementia and a range of other factors including health status, education, experience of discrimination and childhood events.

The primary aim of a proposed longitudinal study is to find the reasons for the high dementia rates (three times non-Indigenous rates) in urban/regional Aboriginal people. We will determine: (i) the incidence of new cases of dementia & the rate of cognitive decline over time (6 years); (ii) the causes or risk factors (biological & social) which predict dementia & cognitive decline in our representative Aboriginal population from information recorded at extensive social interviews and medical assessment at Time 1; (iii) ways to enhance healthy ageing and; (iv) preventable causes of early cognitive decline and dementia.

Statistical Analysis Plan – APOE and cardiometabolic factors

Statistical Analysis Plan – Longitudinal incidence

Statistical Analysis Plan – AUDIT-C paper

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