NSW Child Development Study

ARC-Linkage funding for the project commenced in 2011 and concluded in 2016. The NSW Child Development Study comprises two core components: (1) multi-generational, inter-agency record linkages (record linkage 1: 2013-2014; record linkage 2: 2016-2017) and (2) the cross-sectional surveys (Middle Childhood Survey [MCS] of child mental health and wellbeing 2015). The record linkages bring together administrative records for parents and children from health, education, welfare, and justice departments with cross-sectional assessments at age 5 years (Australian Early Development Census 2009) and 11years (the MCS). The data generated in Linkage 1 enabled the examination of early childhood risk and protective factors for a variety of developmental functions at age ~5 years (physical health and wellbeing, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive skills, communication skills and general knowledge).

This project established the base population for longitudinal follow-up within the NSW Child Development Study (NSW-CDS), comprising a state-wide cohort of children (N=~87,000) and their parents. The NSW-CDS uses successive waves of record linkage that integrate administrative records from multiple government departments, combined with information from teacher- and child-reported cross-sectional surveys completed at ages 5 and 11 years respectively.

This project has received funding from the Australian Research Council (Linkage Project Grant LP110100150; 2011-2016), in partnership with the NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Department of Education and NSW Department of Education and Community Services. This project also received funding from the Australian Rotary Health Fund (2012-14).

Current Staff: Dr Maina Karuiki (Biostatistician), Ms Jolie Hutchinson (Data Manager/Biostatistician; Ms Felicity Harris, Administrative Assistant).