Man massages muscles of his sore back

RESOLVE clinical trial

Our NHMRC funded randomised controlled trial for chronic low back pain focuses on normalising sensation from the back. The intervention takes place in 12 sessions over 6 weeks and aims to improve sensory, motor and spatial awareness of the lumbar spine. The results from this study will establish new targets for intervention and spearhead the development of new treatment approaches to manage this costly and distressing health condition.


Low back pain (LBP) is very common and the leading cause of disability worldwide. For 40% of people who get low back pain it persists for longer than three months. These people often have lengthy periods of pain and increased disability, with substantial impacts on their social and personal lives.

Based upon modern neuroscience research, this study will examine the effectiveness of two novel treatment programmes for persistent low back pain.

The RESOLVE Study is a large, government funded (NHMRC) clinical trial that aims to help people with persistent low back pain. The study will recruit over 300 participants over the next 3 years (2015 – 2018), providing a definitive evaluation of these new treatments. The results of this study will fundamentally change the way persistent low back pain is treated.

As part of our RESOLVE study, participants will receive a course of 12 weekly sessions with a pain clinician. This service is completely free.

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