Man massages muscles of his sore back


Aim of the project:

The aim of this project is to work out if treatment programs that target the function of the brain as well as the back are effective in reducing pain for people with long term or chronic low back pain.

Why are we doing this?

We do not know which of these treatments programs is better than the other. We will be able to work this out by conducting a randomised clinical trial, funded by the Australian government. The results of this project will fundamentally change how chronic low back pain is treated in Australia and across the world.

What would be required of me?

You would be randomly allocated into one of the two treatment groups. You would be required to attend 12 one-hour sessions here at NeuRA and do some home training in between as well. Treatments include the following:

  • discussing your low back pain experience
  • transcranial direct current stimulation
  • mental movement training
  • laser therapy to your lower back
  • physical movement training with mirrors
  • pulsed electromagnetic energy to your lower back
  • training to improve your sense of touch over your lower back.

Participation is completely free to you and you do not need to change anything you are currently doing for your low back pain.

How can I participate?

Please contact the Pain@NeuRA research team:
Phone: 02 9399 1627

Listen to A/Prof James McAuley discuss the trial and his research career in chronic pain and the brain: