Each tile includes a summary and discussion of the aims of current research projects at NeuRA.

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Genioglossus motion under ultrasound imaging

The genioglossus (GG) is the largest dilator of the upper airway and it  has been shown with ‘tagged’ MRI imaging to both depress and protrude the tongue during quiet breathing (Cheng et al 2008). Further understanding of the GG’s role in both healthy people and those with upper airway disorders can be aided by real-time imaging of the tongue’s motion.

Vision, Posture and Balance Study (Optic Flow) - COMPLETED

The aims of this study was to determine:

  1. Whether balance, posture and standing body alignment and muscle activity are affected by vision differ between young and older people and between older people at low and high risk of falls
  2. Whether an over-reliance on vision for balance control might increase the risk of falls

The study involved an assessment with a series of interesting tests evaluating your vision, strength, reaction time, sensation, balance and mobility.