Research participant's arm in a machine designed for motor impairment study

Motor Impairment



There are likely to be a number of new positions associated with the Program, some will become available as some of the clinical trials and associated laboratory studies begin.

As part of the Program we will train PhD and Honours students through University of New South Wales academic programs and those of other universities, and we will provide strong mentorship for postdoctoral researchers. As one element in the program is the breadth of research, from laboratory work to implementation of practice guidelines, we will offer deliberate exposure to a range of clinical and experimental work to train the next generation of medical researchers. The investigators will establish a strong interdisciplinary culture to maximise the outcomes from the work.

For more information on how to get involved with the program please contact Simon Gandevia (

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The cold case of schizophrenia - broken wide open!

‘It is like they were miraculously healed!’’ Schizophrenia is diagnosed by clinical observation of behaviour and speech. This is why NeuRA researchers are working hard to understand the biological basis of the illness. Through hours of work and in collaboration with doctors and scientists here and around the world, NeuRA has made an amazing breakthrough. For the first time, researchers have discovered the presence of antibodies in the brains of people who lived with schizophrenia. Having found these antibodies, it has led NeuRA researchers to ask two questions. What are they doing there? What should we do about the antibodies– help or remove them? This is a key breakthrough. Imagine if we are treating schizophrenia all wrong! It is early days, but can you imagine the treatment implications if we’ve identified a new biological basis for the disease? It could completely change the way schizophrenia is managed, creating new treatments that will protect the brain. More than this, could we be on the verge of discovering a ‘curable’ form of schizophrenia? How you can help We are so grateful for your loyal support of schizophrenia research in Australia, and today I ask if you will consider a gift today. Or, to provide greater confidence, consider becoming a Discovery Partner by making a monthly commitment. We believe there is great potential to explore these findings. Will you help move today’s breakthrough into tomorrow’s cure? To read more about this breakthrough, click ‘read the full story’ below. You are also invited to read ‘Beth’s story’, whose sweet son Marcus lived with schizophrenia, by clicking here.