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Research participant's arm in a machine designed for motor impairment study

Motor Impairment


Staff, students, visitors and colleagues

A number of staff at NeuRA are part of the core of the Program.
This includes:
Dr Annie BUTLER (a.butler@neura.edu.au)
Dr Martin HÉROUX (m.heroux@neura.edu.au)
Dr Phu HOANG (p.hoang@neura.edu.au)
Dr Jasmine MENANT (j.menant@neura.edu.au)
Dr Daina STURNIEKS (d.sturnieks@neura.edu.au)

A number of doctoral and other students are part of the Program.
This includes:
Joana CAETANO (j.caetano@neura.edu.au)
Siobhan FITZPATRICK (s.fitzpatrick@neura.edu.au)
David KENNEDY (d.kennedy@neura.edu.au)
James MCLAUGHLIN (james.mcloughlin@flinders.edu.au)
James NUZZO (j.nuzzo@neura.edu.au)
Daniel SCHOENE (d.schoene@neura.edu.au)
Trinidad VALENZUELA (t.valenzuela@neura.edu.au)

We are also being joined by a number of key visitors, collaborators and other contributors.
This includes:
Bart BOLSTERLEE, PhD student from the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands (to April 2014)
Joanna DIONG, Lecturer, University of Sydney (January 2014 on)
Andreas EJUPI, PhD student from Austrian University of Technology, Austria (January to May 2014)
Graham KERR, Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia (January 2014 on)
Yves GSCHWIND, post-doctoral researcher from University Hospital Basel and University of Basel, Switzerland (January to October 2014)
Hiske VAN DUINEN, post-doctoral researcher from the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden (January to March 2014)
Leah BENT, Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, Canada (February to June 2014)

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