NeuRA Imaging Centre


MRI safety information
All users of the NeuRA Imaging Centre must attend the MRI Safety Induction course prior to research commencing. Attendance at the course is mandatory for all MRI users wishing to be permitted into the MRI control room.

For information on the next scheduled MRI Safety Induction course, please email Dr Michael Green.

MRI Methods
In this MRI Methods section we will add videos on the basics of MRI Imaging at NeuRA Imaging including, software, equipment and research tips.

Lumina Response Pad controller
These two videos outline the Lumina Response Pad interface, default settings and its connections to the MRI scanner and computer for correct data acquisition.

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'I've got the best job for you dad. Your shaky arm will be perfect for it!'

Children… honest and insightful. Their innocence warms the heart. But what words do you use to explain to a child that daddy has an incurable brain disease? What words tell them that in time he may not be able to play football in the park, let alone feed himself? What words help them understand that in the later stages, dementia may also strike? Aged just 36, this was the reality that faced Steve Hartley. Parkinson's disease didn't care he was a fit, healthy, a young dad and devoted husband. It also didn't seem to care his family had no history of it. The key to defeating Parkinson's disease is early intervention, and thanks to a global research team, led by NeuRA, we're pleased to announce that early intervention may be possible. Your support, alongside national and international foundations Shake it Up Australia and the Michael J Fox Foundation, researchers have discovered that a special protein, found in people with a family history of the disease increases prior to Parkinson’s symptoms developing. This is an incredible step forward, because it means that drug therapies, aimed at blocking the increase in the protein, can be administered much earlier – even before symptoms strike. The next step is to understand when to give the drug therapies and which people will most benefit from it. But we need your help. A gift today will support vital research and in time help medical professionals around the world treat Parkinson’s disease sooner, with much better health outcomes. Thank you, in advance, for your support.