Adèle Lusson


Research Officer

9399 1826

Adèle studies for her Masters in Management and Biobanking at the Université Catholique de Lyon, France, where she pursued two internships at the Trinity Biobank, in Dublin, Ireland and also at the Sydney Brain Bank at NeuRA. From her time in Ireland Adèle gained experience processing blood samples in compliance with ethical recommendations while maintaining the quality of DNA samples.

After graduation, Adèle secured a Research Officer position at the Sydney Brain Bank, where her biobanking experience allowed her to oversee the workflow of human brain tissue processing in the histology and dissection laboratories. She also contributes by liaising with researchers to answer their requests for tissue samples and uses her neuroanatomy knowledge to sample frozen and fixed tissue for this purpose.

Adèle uses the knowledge gained during her Masters degree to write protocols, Safe Work Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures that are in compliance with the national and international guidelines such as ISBER or the New South Wales Biobank certification program. This ensures the provision of high quality tissue specimens to the national and international research community.

Adèle has an interest in neurodegeneration cases with mixed pathologies and how these cases are represented in an ageing population and their contribution to the cohorts at the Sydney Brain Bank.