Dominique Sepulveda


Research Assistant

Dominique graduated with a BSci. in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Sydney and has recently graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology from Sturt University. Her interests in ageing and dementia have led her to work on various projects including assessment development and the reduction of dementia risk. Dominique is currently a Research Assistant on the Better Drive Study, a large randomized control trial examining the effectiveness of interventions that are key to improving older driver safety on the road.

Projects Dominique Sepulveda is currently involved with


Better Drive Program

Driving is critical for enabling mobility and community participation in older Australians, with over 90% of those aged in their 70s being licensed drivers. There is an urgent need for evidence-based methods for enhancing and maintaining older drivers’ skills – methods that are ready for translation into cost-effective and practical interventions.

The Better Drive Trial is a three-arm randomised controlled trial that assesses the effectiveness of different driver education types on safety outcomes for older adults. The relative effectiveness of tailored lessons, road-rule workshops and feedback on older drivers on road safety will be assessed in over 384 participants over 2 years. If effective, interventions will improve driving safety, reduce costs associated with crashes, and maintain social participation.

Our multidisciplinary team has expertise in cognitive ageing, psychology, occupational therapy, behaviour change and injury prevention, and proven records of designing and implementing RCTs of behavioural interventions for improving safety in older adults. The outcomes of the project will lead to the development of community programs for older drivers that seek to maintain mobility and community participation.

The Better Drive Trial is funded by the NHMRC and is expected to run for 5 years.


Better Drive Program


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