Dr Daniel Boulton


The metaboreflex does not contribute to the increase in muscle sympathetic nerve activity to contracting muscle during static exercise in humans.

Boulton D, Taylor CE, Green S, Macefield VG

Contributions of Central Command and Muscle Feedback to Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Contracting Human Skeletal Muscle.

Boulton D, Taylor CE, Macefield VG, Green S

Effect of contraction intensity on sympathetic nerve activity to active human skeletal muscle.

Boulton D, Taylor CE, Macefield VG, Green S

A Comparison of Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity to Non-contracting Muscle During Isometric Exercise in the Upper and Lower Limbs.

Boulton D, Green S, Macefield VG, Taylor CE

Central command increases muscle sympathetic nerve activity more to contracting than noncontracting muscle during rhythmic isotonic leg exercise.

Taylor CE, Boulton D, Howden EJ, Siebenmann C, Macefield VG