Dr. Htein Linn Aung


Dr. Aung is a medical doctor with extensive population health experiences in primary health care program, TB/MDR-TB, HIV, STI and Malaria Prevention and Control Programs, and Reproductive Health Care Program. He completed a Research Master in Public Health at University of Auckland from 2014 to 2016 and started a PhD at UNSW Medicine in September 2018.

Projects Dr. Htein Linn Aung is currently involved with


Global Health Impact of Brain Ageing among HIV- Infected persons

The project will involve a meta-analysis of the HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder and the effect of ageing. It will be followed by the development and testing of an international database that will compile age-range prevalence of HIV-associated neurocognitive across multiple research projects.


Global Health Impact of Brain Ageing among HIV- Infected persons

The Dementia rIsk REduCTion (DIRECT) collaboration

We know that having high blood pressure increases the chance that we will develop dementia and cognitive decline as we grow older but we are still trying to understand whether using blood pressure lowering treatments (antihypertensives) can help to prevent this. To explore the relationship between blood pressure, blood pressure lowering and cognition we will combine global data from the highest quality placebo-controlled trials of antihypertensive drugs. This project will deliver knowledge and targeted clinical recommendations for antihypertensive use to support reduction of dementia risk.


The Dementia rIsk REduCTion (DIRECT) collaboration


DR RACHAEL CHERIE CVEJIC Research Associate : r.cvejic@neura.edu.au

GEMMA HOWDLE Research Assistant : g.howdle@neura.edu.au

Kimberley Bassett

KIMBERLEY BASSETT Masters student : kimberley.bassett68@gmail.com

NICOLA EARLS Masters Student : nicole.earls@students.mq.edu.au

JOSHUA HOOD Research Associate : joshua.hood@students.mq.edu.au

THOMAS GATES Research Associate : thomas.gates@svha.org.au

DAVID JAKABEK Research Associate, Conjoint Associate Lecturer, St. Vincent’s Hospital Clinical School UNSW Medicine : d.jakabek@unsw.edu.au


Older Consumers' Readiness for e-Health in New Zealand.

Honey M, Waterworth S, Aung H