Dr Mei Ling (Mae) Lim


Caring for patients on home enteral nutrition: Reported complications by home carers and perspectives of community nurses.

Lim ML, Yong BYP, Mar MQM, Ang SY, Chan MM, Lam M, Chong NCJ, Lopez V

To explore the experiences of community nurses and home carers, in caring for patients on home enteral nutrition. To facilitate a better transition of care for patients, adequate training for carers, standardising clinical practice in managing patients with home enteral nutrition and improving communication between home care services and the acute care hospitals are needed.

Patients' Experience After a Fall and Their Perceptions of Fall Prevention: A Qualitative Study.

Lim ML, Ang SGM, Teo KY, Wee YHC, Yee SP, Lim SH, Ang SY

Disparity between perceived and physiological risks of falling among older patients in an acute care hospital.

Lim ML, Seow JP, Ang SY, Lopez V

Older patients are poor at recognizing their fall risks. Both patients' perceived and actual fall risks should be evaluated in the inpatient setting in order to inform individualized fall prevention education and strategies.

The effects of cognitive-motor training interventions on executive functions in older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Wollesen B, Wildbredt A, van Schooten KS, Lim ML, Delbaere K

Cognitive-motor and technology-based interventions had a positive impact on some cognitive functions. Dual-task interventions led to improvements of domains related global cognitive functions and inhibitory control. Likewise, technology-based exergame interventions improved functions related to processing speed, attentional and inhibitory control. Training interventions with a certain level of exercise load such as progression in difficulty and task specificity were more effective to gain task-related adaptations on cognitive functions.

Association between health literacy and physical activity in older people: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Lim ML, van Schooten KS, Radford KA, Delbaere K

The Iconographical Falls Efficacy Scale (IconFES) in community-dwelling older people-a longitudinal validation study.

Lim ML, van Schooten KS, Radford KA, Menant J, Lord SR, Sachdev PS, Brodaty H, Delbaere K

The developed IconFES cut-points were sensitive to variables associated with concern about falling and predicted fall incidence and physical activity restriction after 12 months. Applying these cut-points appears useful to identify older people with high concern about falling, who are at higher risk of falls and activity curtailment.