Hassan Qureshi


PhD Student

+612 9399 1629

Hassan Qureshi is pursuing a PhD in the field of proprioception with a special interest in the perceived location and ownership of our body.

Hassan completed his Bachelors of Exercise Physiology from UNSW in 2015.

Upon completion, Hassan worked as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) at an Aged Care Facility, working in both residential and community care.

Hassan is currently practising as an AEP in a Medical Centre in Western Sydney. He helps clients with a range of musculoskeletal and metabolic conditions to adopt exercise interventions.

Projects Hassan Qureshi is currently involved with


Horizontal Grasp Illusion

This study aimed to explore how what and where we think our hands are can change when we grasp a finger-like object under a table. Previous research from our lab has found that this can lead to a dramatic illusion of the hands coming together vertically. In this study, we investigated whether this illusion is also present in the horizontal plane and whether different hand positions affect the strength of the illusion.


Horizontal Grasp Illusion