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Jana Koch


Research Assistant

Jana has graduated with a M.Sc. in Health Science from the Technical University in Munich, Germany.  She has gained research experience in the field of dementia through a project investigating perceived barriers of dementia patients when using augmented reality.  An internship at the Kirby Institute at UNSW has brought her to Sydney in 2018, where she has been working on projects exploring reproductive health in women. Jana joined NeuRA in November 2019 as a Research Assistant for the BPSDPlus project and is currently investigating effects of non-pharmacological interventions on BPSD.



Reproductive outcomes following a stem cell transplant for a haematological malignancy in female cancer survivors: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Gerstl B, Sullivan E, Koch J, Wand H, Ives A, Mitchell R, Hamad N, Anazodo A

This systematic review and meta-analysis explores reproductive outcomes following a haematological cancer requiring HSCT. This meta-analysis reflects low pregnancy rates for cancer survivors desiring a family. However, live births are improving over time with new technology and novel therapies. Hence, female cancer patients should be offered timely discussions, counselling and education around fertility preservation options prior to starting treatment with gonadotoxic therapy.

Reproductive outcomes following treatment for a gynecological cancer diagnosis: a systematic review.

Gerstl B, Sullivan E, Vallejo M, Koch J, Johnson M, Wand H, Webber K, Ives A, Anazodo A