Jia Ying Low


Research Assistant

(02) 9399 1059

Jia Ying Low completed an Honours in Psychology at the Australian National University in 2017. She completed her Undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Adelaide, as well as a study abroad in Psychology at New York University in 2015. She has also completed a certificate course in cognitive behaviour therapy. Jia Ying was an applied behaviour analysis therapist for children with autism spectrum disorders for almost a year in Singapore. During her study abroad in New York, she has also completed a placement at the LearningSpring School and worked with children with autism. She currently volunteers for Lifeline Australia during her spare time, where she provides counselling to people at risk of suicide. Jia Ying hopes to undertake postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology in the future.

Projects Jia Ying Low is currently involved with


The Dementia Risk Factors and Assessment (DemRisk) program

The Dementia Risk Factors and Assessment (DemRisk) program involves over ten years of research performed by the Anstey group on the identification and assessment of risk factors for Dementia.

The DemRisk program includes:

  • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of dementia risk and protective factors
  • Analysis of cohort studies to identify dementia risk and protective factors
  • Development of evidence-based interventions for dementia risk reduction
  • Development of innovative e-learning resources to support dementia risk reduction
  • Development of risk assessment tools validated for assessing individual exposure to risk factors known to be associated with an increased risk of developing dementia
  • Development of guidelines (e.g. physical activity guidelines) to reduce risk of cognitive decline and dementia in collaboration with other researchers and organisations including the World Health Organisation
  • Training of early career researchers with a focus on identifying and targeting dementia risk

Read Professor Kaarin Anstey and Dr Ruth Peters’ recent invited commentary on second-hand smoke as an under-recognised risk factor for cognitive decline here. You can also watch Professor Anstey’s NeuRAtalk on ageing well to reduce your risk of dementia here.


The Dementia Risk Factors and Assessment (DemRisk) program