Phillip Cheng


Research Assistant

+61 9399 1883

Phillip completed his Masters of Research in 2019 at Macquarie University, where he investigated the effect of attentional limits on multi-target visual search under the supervision of Prof. Anina Rich. Before joining Gatt’s group, Phillip worked at Sydney Medical School, investigating single-cell activity in primate LGN. In the meantime, he studied the cognitive impact of bilingualism in the Child Language Lab at Macquarie University. He also carried out research in collaboration with A/Prof. Mike Le Pelley’s group at UNSW investigating how reward influences attention and perception of visual information, using psychophysics, eyetracking, and EEG. Phillip is a fervent programmer in Matlab and Swift, which supports his passion in developing mobile apps. In the Gatt Resilience Lab, Phillip will be examining the impact of social media use on mental wellbeing, and neural mechanisms underlying wellbeing.