Sophie Carter


PhD Student

Sophie Carter is working with the NeuRA Sleep and Breathing research team. She previously studied a Bachelor of Science focusing on human anatomy. Sophie’s PhD research project is focused on the effect of the common sleeping pill zopiclone on obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) severity and symptoms. Sophie’s project will contribute to furthering the understanding of the underlying causes of OSA, and developing new & improved methods for the diagnosis and treatment of OSA.


DR PETER BURKE Postdoctoral fellow

RICHARD LIM Honours student


DR CHINH NGUYEN NeuroSleep NHMRC CRE Postdoctoral Fellow

AMAL OSMAN PhD student

Ben Tong

BENJAMIN TONG Sleep Lab Manager : 9399 1886

DR NIRU WIJESURIYA Postdoctoral Fellow

Jayne Carberry

DR JAYNE CARBERRY NeuroSleep NHMRC CRE Postdoctoral Fellow


Zopiclone Increases the Arousal Threshold without Impairing Genioglossus Activity in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Carter SG, Berger MS, Carberry JC, Bilston LE, Butler JE, Tong BK, Martins RT, Fisher LP, McKenzie DK, Grunstein RR, Eckert DJ

To determine the effects of the nonbenzodiazepine sedative zopiclone on the threshold to arousal with increasing respiratory effort and genioglossus muscle activity and to examine potential physiological factors mediating disparate effects of zopiclone on obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) severity between patients. In a group of patients with predominantly severe OSA, zopiclone increased the arousal threshold without reducing genioglossus muscle activity or its responsiveness to negative pharyngeal pressure. These properties may be beneficial in some patients with OSA with certain pathophysiological characteristics but may worsen hypoxemia in others.