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Tools and Apps



The Falls clinic have also developed FallScreen©, a falls risk calculator. It has two forms: a short form and a long form. The short form is designed as a screening instrument suitable for General Practice surgeries, acute hospitals, and long-term care institutions. It takes only 15 minutes to administer and contains five items: a single assessment of vision, peripheral sensation, lower limb strength, reaction time and body sway.

Falls Health Literacy Scale

The Falls Health Literacy Scale (FHLS) is a novel way of measuring fall-related health literacy in an individual.

The FHLS consists of a 25-item subjective scale that measures self-reported fall-related health literacy of an individual and a 14-item objective scale (test-based) that provides an objective measure of a person’s health literacy in the context of fall prevention.

The FHLS has been developed based on extensive research and testing by Dr Mae Lim and the Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre at NeuRA.

All sections and versions of the FHLS are copyrighted and may only be used after registration. For translation of the FHLS to other languages, we request users to use the method of back translation.

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Researchers at NeuRA have developed novel apps to assist their research. This includes apps that assess a person’s fear of falling, their stability, how much exercise they get and their posture. To see a list of currently available apps please click here.