UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarships at NeuRA

UNSW announces a number of scholarships of which a few are in conjunction with Neuroscience Research Australia and led by NeuRA senior researchers.

Applications for 2018 open 26th May 2017 for domestic and international students.

The prestigious scholarship package of $50,000 per annum, comprises of a tax-free living allowance of $40,000 per annum for 4 years, and a support package of up to $10,000 per annum to provide financial support for career development activities.

Candidates are placed in an enhanced culture of research excellence, leadership and community, and are provided with career coaching, mentoring and access to a suite of professional development activities.

The following research projects will be your guide to identify your research areas and your prospective research supervisors: 

Prof Lynne Bilston – Microstructure-Biomechanics Relationships in Soft Tissues

Dr Ingvars Birznieks – Sensory Mechanisms Underlying Human Dexterity (Fundamental Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering)

Dr Richard Vickery – Investigations of Neural Code for Non-Invasive Tactile Sensory Feedback

Dr Julie Brown – A Mobile Technology Application to Reduce Falls Among Children

A/Prof Kim Delbaere – Task-Specific Brain Training to Improve Balance and Cognitive Function

A/Prof Danny Eckert – Targeted Therapies for Sleep Apnoea: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Prof Rob Herbert – Understanding the Mechanisms of Muscle Contracture

Dr Kylie Radford – Intergenerational Strategies for Healthy Brain Ageing in Indigenous Australians

Dr Justine Gatt – Neuroscience and Genetics of Mental Resilience

Dr Sylvia Gustin – Modulating the Critical Brain Mechanisms that Underlie Chronic Pain

Prof Simon Gandevia – Impairments in Respiratory Motor Function in Healthy Ageing and COPD

Assoc Prof Jane Butler – Understanding the Mechanisms of Abdominal Functional Electrical Stimulation

Dr Lucette Cysique – The Global Health Impact of Brain Aging in HIV-Infected Persons